Nurturing children in knowledge and excellence for Christ

Our Curriculum

Learning to Focus

Parents have goals about what they want their child to know and to learn, as well as what experiences they will have.

Mrs Eunice Hall
Principal  MSc, Dip Tching

Knowledge is built on knowledge. The more you know, the more you are able to learn.  So schooling at Carey College is knowledge-based. Our curriculum is cumulative and content-specific. By the end of primary, pupils are writing well-structured compositions, confidently adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, know the history and geography of New Zealand, and the basics of physics, biology and chemistry. Secondary pupils achieve outstanding academic results, including Top in New Zealand and Top in the World in the Cambridge International examinations.

Our objective is to make the defining activity of this school thinking and reasoning based on coherent knowledge. In the hope that an education here will play its role in helping pupils discover who they are, and their meaning and purpose. 

Our Heritage

Carey College is named after William Carey, a pioneer missionary to Bangladesh, whose life was an extraordinary example of Christian living and service to others.  The College opened as an independent Primary School in 1988, and has been a Year 1 to 13 school since 1993. In 2013 the secondary school adopted curricula from Cambridge International education and subsequently so did the primary school. Today, both our secondary and primary schools are registered Cambridge International Schools. Pupils qualify for University Entrance via Cambridge International’s world-respected qualification framework.



We recently informed parents of a change of school name while our methods will develop and be refined, our focus on knowledge and thinking will continue to underpin the school.

If you are interested in your family being part of a school community where learning knowledge is valued, email me to arrange a visit.

Our School


We offer Cambridge International programmes and qualifications through a Cambridge Associate. 


Our curriculum unites the best New Zealand school practice with the Cambridge curriculum in a biblical framework, each stage of supporting personalised learning.

We welcome enrolments from families who want their child nurtured in knowledge and excllence:  

  • Submit an application

  • Complete an interview

  • Begin quality schooling 



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