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Our Christian Faith


Carey College is a Christian school that has been established to help parents nurture children in excellence and truth for Christ.  This means that we acknowledge the supremacy of Christ as the living Saviour and Lord over all of life.  Because of this he is given the central place in every aspect of the life and work of this school. 


    "For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him.  He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.  And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy." Colossians 1:16-18


    Carey College is named after William Carey, pioneer missionary and outstanding example of Christian faith applied to practical living and useful service.  He exemplifies the Christianity to which the College is committed.


    Important though academic progress is, the school's primary concern is with helping parents nurture Christian faith and life in each of its students.  For this we are totally dependent upon the Holy Spirit.

College Motto

Our College motto is Psalm 36:9:  "For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light"  The Bible is God’s Word to guide and direct every part of the Christian’s life.  We use it to shape our teaching methods and the content of lessons.  Our courses teach children to look to the Bible to shape their studies and to help them be discerning as they confront the varied fields of knowledge that make up the school curriculum.  In this way we aim to help parents train children in faithful service to Christ.

College Crest

 Our College Crest features a flaming oil lamp on an open Bible, symbolising the life-giving salvation of Jesus (John 8:12), the purifying and energising work of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:3), and the wisdom, insight and light for life to be found in the Word of God (Psalm 119:105).  Also symbolised in the Crest is the way in which we depend on God to give light through his Word and Spirit to all of study in every book and every subject. (Psalm 36:9)

Key Principles

  • The Bible is the Word of God

  • God, eternal in three Persons, is the Creator and Sovereign of Heaven and Earth

  • The Lord Jesus Christ became man, died to save his people from their sins, rose, is alive for ever more and will return in glory

  • The fear of God is necessary for true knowledge and wisdom

  • Teaching is a spiritual activity

Doctrinal Foundation

The College is committed to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith as its doctrinal foundation.  This statement of biblical Christianity was written by elders from English Baptist churches, and is also known by the titles The Old London Confession and the Philadelphia Confession of Faith.  We use a modern English version entitled A Faith to Confess.  

    Writing of this Confession began at a time of severe persecution, and care was taken to ensure clear expression was given in it to the Christianity of the Reformers and Puritans.  As Baptists the writers desired to demonstrate the necessity of faithful submission to the Bible in matters such as church government, membership,  and of course baptism.  But they also took great care to demonstrate a unity with other Christians by making this Confession as close as possible to the earlier Westminster Confession of Faith.  Although there have been times when it has not been widely known, it has been the definitive statement of Baptistic Christianity for over three centuries in Europe and North America.  Its present recognition is due partly to promotion of it by C H Spurgeon in London in the late 19th Century, and more recently its widespread adoption by churches throughout the world.

    In the introduction to A Faith to Confess the publishers state that the Confession "is not, of course, to be held as an infallible and authoritative rule.  Believers are bound by Scripture, by the whole of Scripture, and by nothing but the Scripture.  At the same time, however, it is highly necessary and undeniably useful to have a clear statement in modern language of the Faith we believe and practise and commend to all men."  This is the function of the Confession in Carey College.  Its 32 chapters explain the basics of Christian faith and practice, and while some sections of it do not bear overtly on the day to day life of the school, taken as a whole it defines the doctrinal foundations upon which the school works and serves.

    Copies of the Confession in its original English may be viewed on line and the modern version A Faith to Confess may be purchased from the school.


Key Principles of our Faith Explained

1.The Bible is the Word of God. 

    The Bible - Old and New Testaments - and the Bible alone, is the written word of God.  It is not an expression of the ideas of men.  It is infallible and completely without error in its original text.  It is given by the plenary inspiration of God, and it is completely sufficient as the sole and final guide in all matters of life and faith.  As such, the Bible is able to be understood by every believer with the help of the Holy Spirit and without any human or institutional mediation.  It stands as an authority over all others, including churches. No human tradition or reasoning or new revelation is to be accepted in its place or added to it.


2.God, eternal in three Persons, is the Creator and Sovereign of Heaven and Earth.  

    God is the one and only God, a Spirit without a body.  God is one, not to be divided into parts, and at the same time is three distinct persons not to be confused.  He has created the whole universe (visible and invisible).  All things were created by the word of his power - nothing evolved. God so rules his creation that all things that happen are the result of his sovereign rule, yet he is without responsibility for the sins of men.  In his grace he looks after and sustains all, in spite of the sinful rebellion of men.  God is almighty, unconquerable, all powerful and totally sovereign.


3.The Lord Jesus Christ became man, died to save his people from their sins, rose, is alive for ever more and will return in glory.  

    The Lord Jesus is God and the Creator of all things.  He existed with the Father and the Holy Spirit in eternity before anything was created and is in all things one with God.  At his conception he laid aside the glory he shared with the Father and was made flesh for our salvation - a perfect, sinless man - yet at no time was he ever less than God in his nature and being.  His incarnation was accomplished through being conceived supernaturally by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin.

   In his free grace the Father entered into a covenant with his Son from eternity, to redeem from their just condemnation under the law a chosen people from every nation, kindred and tongue.   Jesus Christ took the personal sins of his people - past, present and future - in his own body on the cross.  There, as the spotless Lamb of God, he fully met the demands of divine justice for us, so that we can be forgiven and restored to true and eternal fellowship with God.  The redemption of his people has been fully, infallibly and irrevocably accomplished by this substitutionary and propitiatory work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This salvation comes to us by grace alone,

  • apart from our own self-righteous works at any time, for we are all dead in trespasses and sins and unable to do anything to contribute to our salvation

  • and apart from the merits of anyone else, for all except Christ are sinners unable to earn merit for anyone’s salvation


4.The fear of God is necessary for true knowledge and wisdom.  

    Knowing God, and serving him with reverence and submission is the only way by which anything can be truly known.  As God is the creator and sustainer of everything, nothing can be seen or understood properly without reference to him.  Things are true and constant because he makes them true and constant.  

    The fall of man in Adam’s first sin is a great evil bringing all mankind into bondage to sin, into condemnation for sin and under the curse of death.  We are as a consequence born in sin with a sinful nature and unable to know truth without the regenerating and enlightening work of the Holy Spirit.  God requires that every thought be made captive to Christ (that is to make Christ the focus of every thought), and that we and our children search for wisdom (that discernment by which knowledge can be used rightly in the presence of God) as well as knowledge.  To fear God then is to submit to him and his word, the Bible, shaping all our knowledge, wisdom and learning in its light.  Without this faith in God and submission to the Bible alone, no-one, including children in the classroom, can gain true knowledge or wisdom.

    Every attempt to know or understand anything while at the same time denying God or denying his immediate involvement is an idolatrous exaltation of man’s mind over God, and by leaving man without a true focus leaves him with a distorted view of creation and a perverted understanding of facts - man without God is without true knowledge or understanding.

    For children to know truly they must have faith in God and in the Lord Jesus Christ, they must submit to the Bible (rejecting all other things that claim to be revelations from God) and they must depend on the illuminating and guiding work of God the Holy Spirit.


5.Teaching is a spiritual activity.

    Teaching involves the proclamation of the Gospel by word and example, and the application of God’s word - the Bible - to every part of pupil’s lives.  The teacher must therefore be a Christian, living faithfully and obediently in submission to Christ the Lord; and teaching requires the exercise of faith and prayer, a dependence upon the Holy Spirit, and the practice of a holy life.  

    Teaching must be in dependence upon the Holy Spirit at every moment, and in recognition of the hope of seeing each child’s heart as well as mind transformed in Christ.  

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